Wedge within Wedge Gate Valve

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Wedge within Wedge Gate Valve

Labyrinth control valve has a labyrinth-design pressure reducer added in valve passage


Cut-off valve series



The company consists of five divisions, including special valves, safety valves, fluid and rotating machinery, and thermal engineering, which mainly provide special valves, special pumps, combustion thermal equipment and unit engineering general contracting services. Aerospace Petrochemical is a resource market member of Sinopec, PetroChina, and CNOOC, and a supplier of key petrochemical companies such as Yizheng Chemical Fiber, Qilu Petrochemical, Jinling Petrochemical, and Hainan Refining and Chemical.

☆ Wedge within wedge gate valve is designed for high temperature (700 °C), alternating temperature, and corrosive applications.

☆ Stem hardened with nickel base alloy coating. Flow passage welded with chromium nickel alloy for anti-corrosion treatment.

☆ Valve is hermetically metal sealed (class VI) and has a long service life.

☆ Supply scope of size 4 " to 56". Fast opening and closing with high frequency (1 /18min).

☆ HT wedge within wedge gate valve is used in the process of methanol to olefins (MTO) and propane / isobutane dehydrogenation. Currently BAPC is the sole domestic supplier in China.

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