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Labyrinth control valve has a labyrinth-design pressure reducer added in valve passage


Regulating valve series


The company consists of five divisions, including special valves, safety valves, fluid and rotating machinery, and thermal engineering, which mainly provide special valves, special pumps, combustion thermal equipment and unit engineering general contracting services. Aerospace Petrochemical is a resource market member of Sinopec, PetroChina, and CNOOC, and a supplier of key petrochemical companies such as Yizheng Chemical Fiber, Qilu Petrochemical, Jinling Petrochemical, and Hainan Refining and Chemical.

☆ S -zorb process with slide valve for regulating the flow of adsorbent or cut off the pipeline. Design temperature: 550 ℃

☆ S -zorb process is the method of adsorption by full contact with the adsorbent of gasoline, the gasoline sulfur compounds adsorbed onto the adsorbent to reduce the sulfur content in gasoline, reached the Euro V emission standards even Euro VI standards.

☆ valve body 316H forgings, high temperature performance. Valve stem using T-slot connections, valve stem guide, respectively, to eliminate the harm caused by high temperature expansion.

☆ two-stage structure packing, sealing more reliable, live seat back seat designed to prevent coke deposition, easy to replace.

☆ reasonable gap valve chamber design and flow channel design, clean up coke no dead zone.

☆ film actuator is equipped with intelligent positioner ensure that the valve positioning accuracy.

☆ my company to deliver 26 projects Maoming Petrochemical, Luoyang Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical, and other units of the total S-Zorb spool, spool-line works well, get the praise of customers.

☆ Sinopec headquarters and aerospace Petrochemical Sinopec signed a framework agreement specifies the design and manufacture of aerospace S-Zorb spool become Sinopec S-Zorb refinery process only supplier.

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